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We specialize in NJ weddings because by far, your wedding is one the most significant days of your life. It should be a day of celebration and joyful memories that reflect the love you share for each other. It takes months/Years to plan but only a few hours to appreciate it, and you only have one chance to make this the wedding of your dreams. We are the only NJ wedding firm that will make sure you enjoy every second of those few hours to the fullest.

Sweet 16 DJ

Girls are as excited about their sweet sixteen as brides are about their wedding. Whether you are planning a simple or an “MTV” like Sweet 16, MOsDJ is here to make your coming of age celebration-dream a reality. We know that you expect the absolute best. It takes an experienced and specialized entertainment company to deliver a flawless and detail oriented celebration.


We offer an artistic and innovative approach to photography. Our designers bring a level of experience that’s uneasily matched, and are passionate about reinventing the art of photography. Each design is as individual and unique as you are and will project the story of your special day through delightful images you’ll love and treasure for years to come.


Capture the moments of your special celebration on video and re-live them time and time again. Most people can attest that their celebration, whether a wedding, sweet 16, birthday or special gathering, can be a blur. This is where we come in, film your entire event, and capture all the cherishable moments at a very affordable price. We offer Videography in NJ, NY, PA & CT

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Tips on Wedding Vows

As part of your wedding planning, you might have thought about doing your own wedding vows. After all, you and your fiancé are unique people, so why not say something that reflects who you are? The hardest part is trying to figure out exactly what to say. Here are some tips on finding the right words. Writing wedding vows: Start with reading over traditional vows. They can give you a good launching point. They can also give you a structure for you both to follow, especially handy if you are writing them separately. Read over your favorite poems or song lyrics. These might be a great way for you to include a particularly meaningful passage in your vows. Use some quotes from your favorite TV show or movie. It could be a line you love to quote to each other or it might be something you heard on your first date. If you two love video games, you might even make reference to the game in your vows. You can have a full wedding theme around your favorite movie or game. Find some advice from your parents or grandparents to use. This often brings tears to the eyes of your attendees, but it’s also a really sweet way to pay tribute at the same time as you are starting your lives together. Use humor. One couple wrote, “I will always make sure there’s a box of fruit loops at home” as the other partner loves fruit loops. Just make sure the joke is appropriate and that it is not too obscure. Mention something cute or quirky about the other... read more

Who pays for the wedding

There are traditions and etiquette standards for who pays for which part of a wedding. The easy way to break everything down is to say that the bride and her family pay for the wedding, and the groom pays for all of the rehearsal items. That might be a bit too simple, however, so let’s dive into a bit more detail of which family pays for which part of a wedding.   What the bride’s family covers: The bride’s parents pay for the engagement party as well as the listing in the announcements section of the newspaper. The goal of the engagement party is to welcome the groom into her family and let the two families get better acquainted. It gives the families the opportunity to meet before the wedding day and thus reduce some of the stress that comes with the wedding itself. An aside on the announcement – if the groom is from another city, it might be nice to post an announcement in his hometown newspaper, too. Her family will also handle all of the invitations and the programs for the wedding. The bride’s family covers all of the things that go into the wedding itself – the dress, the flowers at the wedding location, the bouquets the bride’s attendants carry, the limousine, the location, the photographer, the costs incurred by the officiant including his or her travel expenses, and the reception including music, decorations and food. The bride’s parents are also typically the host and hostess for the reception. The bride buys the gifts (and often arranges for the hotels) for her bridesmaids and maid... read more

by Cristina Agudelo on MOsDJ

Words cannot describe how amazing Max and his team are. we got his services for our wedding. he took the time to go over every detail before the wedding. no rush in our mettings with him. He is so profesional. Max is the best on what he does. If you want to have a unforgotten party, you must have Max and his team in it.

by Marissa and Kevin on MOsDJ

Max is extremely professional, well organized, personable, and truly cares about your day. When looking for a DJ company to hire for your wedding you want someone who will be able to feel the emotion in the room and you want someone to be able to play the right songs for the right moments. Max and his crew at MOsDJ Entertainment were certainly able to feel the vibe in the room and keep everyone out on the dance floor. This was so important for us because at weddings we love to dance and we wanted everyone to be out there dancing and having fun at our wedding!Max sat down with us and went over all of the fine details of our big day twice, and followed it up just a few days before the wedding with a Facetime call to make sure all of his hard work was correct and properly organized. We both truly appreciated that call because it allowed us to finalize some things without having to travel to his office and take time out of our day. ALL of our friends and family were on the dance floor for the entire night. The place was rocking! We still receive compliments on how much fun people had dancing through the night and that is a ultimate compliment for a fantastic DJ. Max also provided the up-lighting for our room which made videos/pictures/and the first hand experience of the evening that much better. If you want a DJ who will work for you and with you on making your day fun, Max and MOsDJ Entertainment is your answer! Call, schedule a meeting, and make a contract ASAP!Marissa and Kevin

by Taylor Becker on MOsDJ

We used MOsDJ Entertainment for our wedding and have received an endless amount of positive comments regarding the night. From the time that we first met with Max, my husband and I were certain that we would choose Max and his team. His meetings were never rushed, and he was sure to answer any and all questions. Max told us on day one that he was detail oriented, and I will assure you that this is nothing short of the truth. Max and his team are amazing. Their dedication to ensuring that my husband and I had the night of our dreams was beyond expectations. Gene and Melissa were the best team of photographers, working together to photograph every detail and make sure that my husband and I were happy with the results. The video that we have received allowed us to relive our experience through film! And of course, Max kept guests dancing all night. The photo booth was a great addition to our night that gave guests something to take home to remember the wonderful night! After searching for DJ, photographers, and videographers for months, and attending an endless number of meetings, we had one meeting with MOsDJ Entertainment and we were certain we were making the best choice.

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