The best alternatives to Wedding Bouquet Toss

Wedding BouquetCustoms and traditions change with the course of time. There are many wedding related traditions that have become obsolete in the 21s century. In today’s world, people don’t like to follow old customs and traditions. Instead, they like to do things their own way. Even when it comes to getting married, there are many women who don’t like to follow the tradition of tossing the wedding bouquet. These women feel that such practices are no longer valid or fashionable but sometimes they can’t find suitable alternatives to these old customs.


Here are a few interesting alternatives to Wedding bouquet and garter toss:

1. Passing the ball
Instead of just throwing the wedding bouquet, you can play a game of ‘passing the ball’ and make sure that all the ladies pass the bouquet around, until one of them gets the bouquet when the music is stopped. This could be a very interesting game and all the guests will surely enjoy it. The game will also make your wedding videos very interesting and fun.

2. Give it to someone
These days, many brides also decide to give off the wedding bouquet to any of the women who have been influential in their lives. For example, the bride can give the bouquet to her grandmother, mother, sister, maid of honor or any other woman she chooses to. This is a very nice gesture which will be appreciated by the woman who receives the wedding bouquet.

3. Save it
It may sound a little weird but these days many of the brides decide to save the bouquet and the garter, instead of tossing them. The brides can keep them as souvenirs and preserve them for a long time. However, in order to preserve the bouquet, you will need to take your florist’s advice and follow all the steps she/he mentions. Preserving it won’t be very difficult.

4. Centerpieces
If you want, you can get several small versions of the wedding bouquet made so that you can keep them at each of the guest tables. Such an arrangement will make the guests very happy as they will feel that you have provided them with precious souvenirs.

5. Auction the bouquet
This is another weird yet effective idea that will ensure your wedding is a fun event while you follow your won customs. You can organize a mini auction at your wedding reception. In this auction you can display different items related to the ceremony, such as the centerpieces, garter and of course, the bouquet. The money raised through this unique auction can be given away to a charity, or you can use it to buy some gifts for the guests.

These are some of the unique alternatives to wedding bouquet and garter toss. You can also try giving away the bouquet through other unique ways that will make you comfortable. For additional ideas or to set up an appointment and see how we can make your special day unique, feel free to contact us and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you. Be Different than other brides!


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