Benefits of Digital Wedding Albums

Digital photography offers a wide range of exciting possibilities for weddings, sweet 16s, quinceañeras and other events.  Today’s wedding album reflects a personal display of a couple’s long lasting memories by narrating the story of their wedding day thru images. One of the advantages of having a digital wedding album is that you are no longer bound by the format and layout of a classic album. With digital books, you can place photos anywhere on the page and use different layouts and photo sizes. This means that you can have a creative album with more photos per page without having to choose which photos to leave out. For a more breathtaking design, you can use some of your photos as background images in your album.

Digital Wedding AlbumsAnother great benefit of digital wedding albums is the ability to make your flush mount or coffee table book individual and personal by adding graphics, effects, text, borders and different layouts. Digital photography can also provide a fast turnaround of proofs. They can be saved on a high resolution DVD or featured on a website for secure online proofing or sharing. With digital photos you can create a slideshow and display them on a digital album frame. You can also create screensavers or transfer images to your phone.

Magazine style/digital albums provide a broad range of capabilities and printing options. Photographers can play with the color spectrum by turning a photo image to black and white or sepia, while leaving dresses or roses their original color. They can blur backgrounds, create lighting effects or enhance romantic settings. Aside from a better quality and design, digital books last longer and are more appealing than conventional albums.

Digital wedding albums are easy to reproduce. If you want multiple copies of your album, for parents or other applications, the price usually drops about one-third of the initial cost. Some photographers design the albums themselves while others send them to an album company for layout and design. Regardless of the method used, you will be able to make any desirable changes before the album is sent to print and bind. Couples who have photoshop or other photography program experience can opt to design their own layout. This digital templates can usually be saved to protect your investment or re-print at a later time.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating or approving your wedding album is to make it uniquely yours. Remember that your album should tell the story about your special day. If you need an experience photographer who is eager to capture the mood and special moments of your wedding or if you need tips on how to create an innovative design, contact us and one of our representatives will be glad to assist you.


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