Beware of low price DJ Services in NJ

The fact of the matter is that, now in days, everyone price shops online when purchasing goods or services (I do it myself). If what I want to buy is expensive, I put an extra effort in getting a good deal. Unfortunately, there are a lot of tricks and unreal advertising traps in the business world. Some DJ companies will try to lure you in with low price DJ adds that are designed to lead you to believe that they are reliable and that you’ll be saving money with them. Others will truly offer a $399 wedding reception that will result in nothing but headaches and regrets, as this advertisements are always associated with an amateur.

The truth

DJs vary in more ways than just price. Each DJ has a unique specialty that brings about the best out of their client’s event. The responsibility that is put on a DJ’s shoulder to take on someones’ lifetime event, should be recognized and well compensated. A DJ or company that tries to sell you a package or service for an unbelievable low rate, should be closely screened. A lot of times a DJ will shoot out a price over the phone without knowing exactly what the customer has envisioned. This is often associated with an amateur DJ. Amateur DJs undervalue their services. They don’t carry insurance or run an organized and experience business. They don’t invest on the necessary, professional, tools of the trade. This leads to confuse the public, makes the DJ trade under appreciated, and forces the public to shop around for DJs based on price alone. The amateur DJ who is not willing to educate themselves and train under a professional company until they are ready to go on their own, is what the labor industry calls scabs. Most of them struggle so hard that they are willing to work for pennies or almost nothing.

There’s also companies out there that will put out attractive and persuasive ads to entangle brides. I personally know of companies who advertise weddings for $399 or lower rates. They have a reputable online presence that persuades a client to book with them but on the day of their event, they send out an amateur DJ who responded to a “no experience necessary, will train” newspaper ad. This fuels price shoppers and contributes to the image of DJs all being the same, music players.

When shopping around for a DJ or Entertainment company, following these guidelines will help you select the best services possible for your money.

Reliable DJ services | Real prices

MOsDJ cares about what you need for your Wedding, Sweet 16 or special event. We won’t slam you with whatever package brings the most profit or with a show with bells and whistles, if what you are looking for is a classic affair. We know that everyone has different priorities for entertainment and we respect that. We have been in business for over 14 years and can specialize your event based on your needs. If you have any questions, even if you don’t use our entertainment company for your event, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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