The best centerpiece giveaway ideas for your wedding

centerpiece-giveaway-ideas-for-your-wedding by MOsDJIn weddings, couples follow the tradition of giving away the centerpiece to their guests at the end of the reception. This is a custom that’s quite modern and is followed by most bride and grooms. However, it is not an easy task as the number of guest always surpasses the total amount of centerpieces used to decorate the tables. A few times, we have seen guests get annoyed/disappointed when they can’t take the centerpiece home. Even though it’s almost impossible to please all the guests, the bride and the groom can try a few, simple and interesting, alternatives to give away the centerpiece.

Here are a few ideas we recommend:

1) Artful – Because weddings can be expensive, you can come up with ideas that can help your budget. You can announced who ever comes up with $6 dollars per table has a chance to win the centerpiece. Have your MC collect the money and then announce that whoever gave the money is the winner. He/she can either keep the $6 or take home the centerpiece. 99% of the times the winners take the centerpiece and you get to keep the $6 dollars from all the winners. You can use the money to pay vendors, for your honeymoon, or if you are someone who is a humanitarian and is moved by social causes, you can donate the money to charity

2) RSVP Rewards – This idea will also help you smoothly plan your wedding. Many a times it happens that the guests do not respond to the invitations sent to them. Sometimes this creates a problem in taking care of the seating arrangements. Hence, it will be a good idea to reward those who provide a prompt response to the RSVPs. You can mention this approach in the wedding invitation so that the guests are encouraged to respond quickly. You can give away the centerpieces to the first responders with closest birthdays/anniversaries etc. or simply assign the centerpiece to whoever you choose. After all, no one will know who responded first.

3) Lucky Draw – Deciding who gets the centerpiece could be tricky. Therefore, you can write the name of all your guests on pieces of paper and ask someone to pick the names of the “lucky winners” from a jar or a box. The people whose names are picked could be given the centerpiece. Such an approach will help in keeping things interesting. Besides, your guests will also feel that you have been fair in giving away the centerpieces.

4) Games – If you are fond of games, you can choose a fun game that can lead to winning the centerpiece. Games such as trivia questions, find – the – penny, pass the dollar etc. can be organized to give away the centerpiece. These games will be enjoyed by the guests and will also ensure that all guests actively participate in the event. The winners will be happy at the end of the reception and the other guests will also feel that it was fair play.

If you are looking for unique ideas to give away your centerpiece, feel free to contact us and we’ll come up with the best suitable solution to your event. We are incomparable in our industry because our modern approach supersedes expectancy.

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