How important is a DJ music-library

A good DJ music library is one of the most essential elements of being a DJ. It is the foundation in which a Disk Jockey builds upon. It is contradicting to have a professional DJ equipment setup, without having a vast music library to motivate and entertain your crowd. Its like having no cake at a party. You should only hire a DJ who has invested in a sizable music library. A DJ who downloads free, distorted, music from the internet and has not spent money on high quality sound and latest tracks, is not going to provide you with first class music selection at your event.

The value of music

Some people don’t understand the value of a Disc Jockey. They think that a DJ just plays music behind a DJ booth or a table. What most people don’t know is that DJing is a coordinated effort between professionals, and music has a lot to do with it. Take for example a wedding. If a Disc Jockey is not playing a good selection of songs and fails to motivate your guests and pack the dance floor, your videographer is not going to have much to work with, and in return, you will have a video tape exhibiting an empty dance floor. Same applies to photography. Your guest’s priceless expressions won’t be captured and you’ll lose on treasure memories. When selecting a DJ you want someone who has a wide variety of song selections and the experience of working with professional caterers, photographers and videographers so that everything runs smooth and your event be a grand success.

The value of musicOne way to think about a professional DJ company and the importance of good song selections, is to consider it to be like an insurance policy on the rest of your investment. Lets face it, it won’t matter how much you spent, how beautiful the place looked or how good was the food if your entertainment failed to motivate and meet the expectations of your guests. It could make or break your party.

When selecting a DJ, you want someone who can play songs that would suit the taste of all your guests and be able to handle a wide variety of requests. A comprehensive collection of music includes, but is not limited to: 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Alternative, Blues, Classical, Wedding, Country, Christian & Gospel, Dance, Disco, Doo Wop, Easy Listening, Funk, Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B, Instrumental, Jazz, Merengue/Bachata/Salsa, Motown, Pop, Reggeton, Reggae, Rock, Rock & Roll, Top 40’s and all the current.

We, at MOsDJ entertainment, always have the most current and latest tracks, even before the radio stations. Our large database of songs ranges from music of the 40′ to songs that haven’t yet aired. Do you want to come see our complete list of songs? No problem! Call us today to make an appointment and we’ll be glad to assist you. Once you come see us mix LIVE, you’ll understand the importance of good equipment and a music library.



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  1. Absolutely! It’s extremely important that your host be able to play any requests from your guests, and keep everyone on the dance floor all night. That’s only going to be attainable if he/she has a wide array of music selections, from old to new. Your party depends on your entertainment company to have a sizable music library.


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