Planning a Sweet 16 – Do’s and Don’ts

So it’s finally here – your daughter’s Sweet 16 birthday year, and it’s time to start planning her party. This right-of-passage can be significant in your young lady’s life so planning the sweet 16 carefully and well in advance is important. If you are going all out with a Sweet 16 party for friends, here are some points to consider as you begin planning.

Planning a sweet 16 do’s

    •    Start planning 3 – 8 months before the party: experienced Sweet 16 party planners recommend 2-3 months before, but we truly believe that this is not enough time to plan such a big event. Consider planning your event as early as possible in order to tackle all that’s ahead.
    •    Create a checklist/timeline: this will help you keep track of the many tasks that must take placePlanning a sweet 16 before and on the day of the party.
    •    Decide on a theme: picking a theme will help you with your budgeting, decorating, venue choice, etc.
    •    Select a date as early as possible: it doesn’t have to be your daughter’s actual birthday. Remember to take into consideration any holidays and vacations and plan to send out “Save the Date” notices to those on the guest list.
    •    Decide on the venue: your party’s venue should be appropriate to the occasion.
    •    Do develop a budget: it will help you with your overall planning. Include an extra amount for unexpected expenses. Keep track of every expenses – even the least amounts; save those receipts, contracts, and notices, too!

    •    Do your research on a Photographer, Videographer, entertainment company or DJ because it can make or ruin your event (like this picture which was given to us to be retouched because the photographer was an inexperienced).


    •    Don’t do this alone: remember, this is a pivotal moment in your daughter’s life. If you do all the planning, you might be overlooking what is important to her. Your daughter should be a partner in planning and executing her party. Call in additional reinforcements to help with the various tasks and activities (especially if this will be a DIY party).  
    •    Don’t underestimate the importance of the RSVP: food and a booked venue will be among your larger expenses. You need to know how many guests to plan for as well as the size of the venue to book.
    •    Don’t send out invitations until you have double-checked every USPS and/or email address: avoid the pain of hurt feelings because an invitation was undeliverable.
    •    Don’t open gifts at the party: this “rule” is open to debate and your decision may be based on the number of gifts, the venue, and the activities planned for the day. It may be better to wait till a later date to enjoy opening the gift. Plus, you’ll spend lots of time that can be very well spent dancing.

Final thoughts for you. 

    •    It’s OK to feel a bit stressed: on party day, ordinarily small irritating things can suddenly balloon way out of proportion. Take a moment to breathe deeply and affirm to yourself that all is well.
    •    Not sending thank you notes is NOT an option: it may be old-fashioned and just not done anymore, but your daughter’s guests (both friends and family) deserve to know that they are appreciated for their thoughtfulness and generosity. If she’s old enough to be acknowledged as a young adult, she’s old enough to write thank you notes to her guests without complaint or delay!
You’ve planned everything carefully and joyfully. Now is time to enjoy! For bookings or If you need additional help feel free to call us, and best Sweet 16 wishes.



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