Pros and Cons of Brunch Weddings

Brunch WeddingsYou no doubt have given a lot of thought to your wedding, and now you are down to choosing the time of day to host it. On the one hand, an afternoon wedding with an evening reception lets people dance the night away. On the other, a daytime wedding has a more sociable feel to it and it tends to cost a lot less. So what to do? Which to choose? Here are some of the pros and cons of having brunch weddings.

Brunch Weddings Pros

  • A daytime wedding has many advantages. One of the things you will find is that the venue is cheaper and you can have more flexibility to have a unique event that no one else would choose. You may also find that your vendors will also offer you a discount for having a daytime event. Also, brunch meals are typically cheaper to prepare and serve than are dinners.
  • You may also have an easier time getting a venue booked because daytime weddings are less common and the calendars are less crowded. Plus, if your venue is a stunning location, having your wedding and reception during the day will allow your guests to enjoy the scenery.
  • Guest typically don’t drink as much during the daytime as they otherwise would for an evening reception, and with the cost of alcohol being quite high, this can add up to a sizable savings.
  • Even if your wedding is on a Sunday, your guests might have an easier time knowing that they will have time to get home and unwind before they have to go back to work on Monday. Out of town guests can even arrive on Saturday, enjoy some sightseeing in the area, and then attend the wedding the next day.
  • You, the bride, might enjoy an early wedding because you won’t have as much time to think about the wedding event itself and therefore your nerves might be kept at bay. You get up, get going, and get married –with plenty of time in the evening to spend with your new hubby away from the crowds.
  • Overall, an afternoon event tends to feel more relaxed and like a cocktail event. If you choose, you can have an after-reception reception with your closest friends and family with plenty of time to spare.


  • One of the major issues with brunch weddings is that it might be harder to get people to dance just because it’s a different feel than an evening wedding. People are also less inclined to drink as much and therefore might be less inclined to cut loose during the day.
  • If you aren’t a morning person, you might not enjoy getting up early for your hair and makeup.
  • Some brides find it relaxing to get to be with their friends and family before the actual wedding and a morning wedding makes that much harder to accomplish.
  • You might not like the laid-back atmosphere that an afternoon reception almost requires, and your color scheme might not blend as well as an afternoon event. Dark, dramatic themes just don’t play as well with the sunlight.

Whichever type of wedding you choose, you will know that it reflects who you are and what your personality is like. If you choose to have a brunch wedding but still want to have the fun mood that an evening event offers, make sure that you hire the right vendors (like MOsDJ) to be able to mimic that atmosphere. Whatever you decide just make sure that you enjoy your day – you’ve earned it!



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