The Secret To Pick The Perfect Wedding Season To Marry

perfect wedding seasonSome people have a particular season in mind for when they want to have their wedding, whether it’s because it falls on their favorite time of year, or because they want to have a particular theme for the wedding. But, if you are flexible about your date, you might be able to save a lot of money.

Early spring weddings might be a good option if you want to save some money. However, proms in June may limit your choice of venues and be more expensive. Photographers get an increase in bookings at the beginning of summer as high school and college seniors make their appointments for senior photos. This makes it harder to find available photographers, too.

If you have your heart set on being a June bride, be prepared to not be able to book it for the coming June, but rather the next one. Your guests should also be prepared to have higher hotel costs due to it being peak travel season.

One thing that can make a summer wedding more affordable and easier is to schedule an off day in the week. Saturdays are the busiest, so if you can move your wedding to a weekday, you might be able to save quite a lot. Your chances of booking a photographer and DJ will also be better because they will not be as busy as on a weekend.

Winter is often the cheapest time of year to get married. The venue will be less costly, and you may be able to get some great discounts on your DJ and photographer because the volume of business at this time of year is reduced. If you pick a lodge, you can opt for a fireside ceremony with candles adorning the tables. Or, you can have a lovely fairy tale wedding theme filled with snow queen decor.

It does, however, make your choice of flowers more limited, and if the weather is bad, you may have some travel issues for your attendees, or even for yourself. Still, the romance of a winter wedding is something that should be considered.

Spring weddings often see better weather and they come before the peak business of summer, which makes venue availability better and not as expensive. Flowers are more plentiful and your choice of venues increase, since outside locations are not off-limits. Traveling is easier because there are fewer chances for weather delays, although spring snows are not uncommon in the northern states.

Fall weddings are lovely thanks to the cooler weather and brilliant colored leaves. The contrast between a light-colored dress and the yellows and reds is dramatic. The weather is usually pretty stable so you can still pick an outdoor location if you wish. While a number of venues might still be quite busy, others are looking for people to book with them in order to keep the income flow going after summer, so be sure to shop around and find the best price.

One other factor to consider is to pick your date before everything else, because it might influence your color choices and the decorations. The perfect wedding season to marry depends on how much money you want to spend, or save, and how far your guests will be traveling. It is definitely tricky since you have 365 days to choose your special event. Whatever you do make sure that you get your significant other involved and that you enjoy every moment of it.


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