Top 10 Tips for Newlyweds

Tips for newlywedsSo the big day has come and gone and the honeymoon was everything you had hoped and dreamed about. It’s now time to settle down and enjoy married life with your partner, but what does that actually mean? If this is your first rodeo, do you really know what to do or how to act? We usually follow up with our newlyweds and asked them how things are going, and what has helped them adjust to such an enormous life change. Here’s what we have heard the most:

Tips for Newlyweds

1. Appreciate the little things

At the end of the day, it’s the little things that make people happy. Staying in bed together for a couple of extra hours on a Sunday morning, enjoying a meal together or simply watching a movie and sharing a laugh together. The little things bind us in subtle ways so let them happen and enjoy them to the fullest.

2. Communicate

Every relationship will have its issues. After all, it is practically impossible to find somebody who is exactly like you in every way. Talk through your issues and don’t let them build up. The more time you spend being pridefull and thinking you are right and not paying attention to your partner’s feelings, the more time you waste. Like most people say, communication is key. Most importantly, always be honest with each other.

3. Independence

Time apart is almost as important as time together. If you like doing certain things and your partner has no interest in them, don’t be afraid to enjoy them on your own. It will make the times you do share even more special. I find that this works with some couples we follow up with but it depends on the relationship you have with your partner. If you want to follow this tip, I recommend that you speak with your partner and make sure she/he is ok with this. Remember that communication is key. It has always worked for me.

4. Realize nobody is perfect

Dating is entirely different from spending your life together. The little gestures designed to impress a person are most of the times stripped away during the course of the marriage. Unfortunately, this is inevitable and you have to accept that you’re both human and each has their own imperfections. If he/she makes a mistake, embrace it instead of getting upset. Realize that this is part of your new experience and come up with ways to mold your relationship how you want it.

5. Sex

Althought this doesn’t come up a lot, the ones that talk about it say that sex is important. I beleive that you can’t let the spark die through overfamiliarity. Experiment with and enjoy your sex lives. After all, a couple is never closer than they are during the most intimate of moments.

6. Roll with the punches

In a lot of the weddings we host, it is likely we hear the words “for better or for worse”. Remember that phrase! Life won’t always be perfect but whether is financial, medical or conditional, there is nothing that you and your partner can’t face as long as you do it together.

7. The first is just the beginning

Some couples have a rocky start. Remember that you will be spending a lifetime with your other half. If the first year isn’t going so well just remember that there are many more to come and they all hold their own ups and downs, just as they would if you weren’t married.

8. Keep dating

We hear this one a lot, specially from women. It is extremely important to spend time together. Make sure that you make the effort to do so outside of the regular monotony of life. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Enjoy a film, cook a meal of go for a walk. Anything that you can do together can be a date.

9. Compromise

We mentioned that disagreements can happen and, at the end of the day, it shouldn’t be about who wins. It should be about reaching a conclusion that satisfies you both as far as possible.

10. Have fun

This tip is from us to remind you that joy can be found in so many ways. Never forget that the person you love understands you better than anybody else and always make sure to enjoy as much of life as you can together. More fun means more happiness, and more happiness will help you get through anything together. If you are a newlywed or a season-wed and want to help our readers with some of your own tips, please contact us and we’ll be excited to post your feedback. After all, a little help is always needed to make our world a happier place, which starts with happy people.


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