Top Awkward Wedding Situations and Solutions

Awkward wedding situationsIf you have already planned or helped plan a wedding, you know that there are awkward wedding situations that may arise, and an endless number of people who always have “suggestions” for you. How do you tell your guests, politely and without becoming a bridezilla, exactly what it is you want to do? Here are some awkward wedding situations that might come up and some suggestions on how to handle them.

The mothers-in-law and their endless ideas

Most of the times, mother in-laws mean well, they are just very insisting. If you don’t want to incorporate their suggestions into your plans, remember that this is your wedding and you don’t have to. So how do you handle this? Experts suggest that giving mother in-laws particular tasks, ones that will actually help you, can make them feel included. Another way to dissolved awkward wedding situations with mothers-in-laws is to consider their suggestions, only if it flows with your theme. If you try to include at least one of their ideas, it may make them feel that you are willing to listen and work with them. This might also bode well for future interactions.

You simply can’t invite everyone.

Many couples would love to be able to invite everyone they know to their wedding. However, most couples don’t have a budget that can handle this (There are ways to extend your budget, simply click to read). You may also run into the situation where someone in your family wants to bring a boyfriend or girlfriend they just met, while you were trying to have an intimate celebration. The best way to handle this awkward wedding situations is to let the caller/person know that you wanted to have him or her there, but that your budget is so small that the guest list had to be pared down. It just wouldn’t work for your budget to try to invite anymore people. Or you can tell him/her you wanted to have a very personal and small wedding. Just as with the person above his/her name on the list, who couldn’t come due to their child. You can offer to take them for coffee afterwards and fill them in on the festivities. Hopefully, you find out about this when the RSVP arrives so you can head it off early. If not, maybe your caterer has made more food than the number of attendees – many do just for situations like this.

Disagreement with the religion | lack thereof | choice of spouse

You may run into extremely awkward wedding situations if you are marrying someone from a different religion, race or if you are entering into a same-sex marriage. As Randy Fenoli said on CNN, “if someone is not supportive of you, why would you want to invite them to your wedding?” Experts feel that it is much better to have fewer people who do support you than a large gathering with people there who do not. You know the people who are going to post a problem at you wedding. Maybe not initially but after a few drinks, some can not control their emotions/tongue. Make a wise decision on who you’ll be inviting if you think they don’t agree with the union.

We would prefer cash only for gifts

Even experts disagree on the way one should ask for gifts, as some can be seen as tacky. Instead of directly asking for money, you can phrase it as if you are trying to save for a house. You can also say that you would rather have money in order to give a portion to charity. If you decide to take this approach, your wedding party should be able to help you get the message out. You can also be obvious by not registering at any department store.

The potential behavior of some of your guests

There’s always “that” uncle who tends to get a little carried away at gatherings, and there are some people you worry about getting on the microphone and saying some tasteless things that will embarrass you or your intended. If you know that this awkward wedding situations always arise, you may want to do away with the bar. It can be quite costly to have an open bar and you are under no obligation to serve alcohol. This can be one way to preserve your budget and sanity. However, if you choose to have an open bar under this circumstance, you might want to assign someone ahead of time to road block that uncle. You can also instruct the DJ not to hand out the microphone to anyone without your permission and to only stick to the wedding timeline. Another way to set up road blocks for those unpredictable guests is to have the bartender water down the drinks for those obvious “guests”.

It’s a delicate balance to deal with awkward wedding situations. When treated correctly, you’ll come out looking like a gracious host and your wedding will forever be remembered. If you don’t know how to deal with certain situations, feel free to contact us. We have dealt with many different scenarios and have the experience to guide your wedding in the right direction. We are experts in taking away your stress. Contact us today for a LIVE demo and you’ll see why our reputation precedes us.


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