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Wedding Favors – Should I or Should I Not?wedding favors

Modern wedding etiquette now includes the new idea of wedding favors  – small gifts your guests can take home as mementos. This leaves brides asking themselves if they should include these in their wedding planning or not. Wedding favors can be expensive and when a bride is trying to be budget-conscious, this can be a concern. Then again, there are cute ideas for favors that do not have to cost much, and can be a way for a bride to express herself and leave a lasting impression.

Making your own favors –

According to both Martha Stewart and Miss Manners, wedding favors are not a requirement though they are quite commonly found at receptions. Favors do not have to be elaborate, however, they give a way for a bride to add her personal touch to each table. Here are some ideas for handcrafted DIY wedding favors:

  • Homemade cookies or cupcakes, perhaps frosted in your wedding colors. Bundle cookies in clear bags and tie them closed with an attractive ribbon.

  • Do some tiny cross-stitch thank you cards to place at each table. These can double as place cards, too.

  • Decorate some tiny flowerpots with a design of your choosing and put a small bulb in each one. This idea particularly has an appeal as a durable memento, since the bulb will grow and bloom for years to come. You can include a note with each one thanking your guests for coming, and that you hope their plant will grow and blossom as your love for your beloved has.

  • Make small jars of pickled vegetables or jams that you can also decorate in your theme colors or with a charming fabric top.

  • Potpourri or herb sachets are a clever way to give a lasting favor, too. You might even want to do different fragrances for men and women to give a personal touch.

  • Photo thank you notes are a nice unique token, too.

Don’t try to do all of the favors yourself because it would be just too much work. Instead, enlist the aid of family and friends and create an assembly line. This is also a fun way to get together and do something creative instead of stressing about the wedding.

For a bride who has a small gathering planned, she can think about handing the favors she has selected to each of her guests personally as she makes her way around the room thanking everyone for coming.

Seeds for a garden –

If your wedding has a garden setting or theme, think about giving seed packets as favors. You can pick seeds that reflect the flowers you have chosen for your wedding, or ones that will speak to the personality of each guest.

Charitable contributions –

Some brides decide to use the money they otherwise would spend on favors and make a charitable donation instead. They place notes on the reception tables that tell the story of what they did and why they selected that particular charity. Be aware that your wedding is not the place to make a political statement, but a charity that provides research for cancer or an animal shelter is a safe bet.

Whatever you choose for your wedding remember that favors are always optional, and what you decide to do will be the right answer for you. It is, after all, your special day.

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