Wedding Reception Program

A well planned wedding in NJ will result in a, stress-free, magical day full of fun and unforgettable memories. However, it has every bit to do with the way it is planned. An experienced entertainment company that has an extensive portfolio and experience doing and planning weddings, will be able to assist you with your time line. There is no set way on how to create a time line. More and more brides are deciding to restrain from traditional weddings and create a personalized and meaningful experience. A step by step chain of events and an experienced overseer will keep your wedding organized and flowing. Here’s an example of what a time line should include:

Welcome Bridal party (Entering song:)

You can choose to have your bridal party come out to a single song or have individual songs for each couple.

  • Parents/Grandparents
  • Bridesmaid & Groomsman
  • Maid of Honor & Best Man
  • Ring Bearer and/or Flower Girl
  • Bride and Groom entrance

Some people choose to have the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl (specially if they are young) come out first in the line up. Remember that you can barrow ideas from the traditional way or make up your own.

First Dance

  • Traditionally a slow romantic song. Some couples want to break the norm and dance to an up beat song.

Father/Bride Dance:

Mother/Groom Dance:


The traditional order of toasts and speeches are:

  • Parents of the Bride and Groom (If they choose to speak)
  • Best man
  • Maid/Matron of Honor
  • Any other assigned or desired speeches


  • You should decide on whether to have a buffet style (best bang for your buck) or a Plated dinner ( for a formal wedding and keeps the reception going). You should keep in mind that reception halls always push to have dinner served as early as possible. Sometimes is practical, base on the number of guests, to have a sit down dinner.


  • Towards the end of dinner, your NJ DJ or band should gradually work up your guests and get the party started

Cake Cutting

  • Although the cake cutting, traditionally, takes place upon entering the reception hall, couples have found that the best time to cut the cake is towards the end of the programmed reception. However, reception halls push to cut the cake prior to the bouquet toss in order to have enough time to cut and serve it.

Bouquet Toss:

  • Your emcee is in charge of directing this part of the program. He/She will work the crowd and instruct the applicable guests for the bouquet toss, garter retrieval and placement of the garter.

Garter retrieval

Garter Toss

Placing of the garter

Last Dance

  • Some couples opt to have a last song. You can choose a song that bears meaning to you, that’s happy, romantic or upbeat. Others decide on not having a planned last song.

Whether you decide on having a traditional wedding reception or a completely personalized chain of events, your time line should reflect your envisioned wedding. Share the program with your vendors. The more informed you keep all your vendors, the easier it is for them to be ready to capture the photos, videos and deliver on the promise of a memorable event. If you or your DJ in NJ needs help creating a time line, feel free to contact us. MOsDJ has been planning wedding receptions for over 14 years. Our event planners are available to take an active role in planning or guiding your wedding. Contact us and we’ll help you plan your special day.


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