Wedding in Winter

Weddings bring to mind many images, most of which are seen during the months of spring and summer – flowers and sunshine. Perhaps we think of these things because weddings represent new beginnings, like a budding blossom. However, couples are sometimes compelled for pragmatic reasons to tie the knot in the months when spring flowers are less likely to be seen – Yes, in the winter. But can a wedding in winter be successfully staged? The answer is yes. The secret to pulling off a successful wedding in winter is to relish the season! Overcompensating with spring flowers and greenery of every description only creates a discordant atmosphere and deprives the ceremony of the true magic it could have if the season were not covered up but celebrated.

winter-wedding by MOsDJIt shouldn’t be hard to imagine a festive wedding in winter. After all, winter is the season when people celebrate some of their most beloved holidays. Why not then extend the festivity by having a wedding? For instance, couples can indicate a winter theme in the invitations they send out so that guests will have an idea of what to expect at the ceremony. They can decorate the church with reminders of the season. In addition, they can have the caterer add a wintry touch to the refreshments. These easy efforts will transform a typical wedding into a beautiful wintry celebration.

Wedding invitations should naturally match the theme of the event, and invitations in the case of a wedding in winter should be no different. Couples tempted to create their own invitations should keep in mind that there are a number of commercially available designs that could be very helpful. Decorations should be suggestive of a wintry theme but should also be very subtle – nothing that overtly says “Christmas”. Some holly branches placed in strategically discreet spots are a good idea. Lots of candles are a must, and gold and silver stars make a tasteful addition to any wedding. Glass can be designed to suggest ice, so it goes without saying that plates should have a frosty designed also. Plates and serving dishes should be white, reminiscent of snow. White drapes and poinsettias are a fine touch to the atmosphere. Uplighting is a must, as they can mask the walls with an exclusive wintry look. Your DJ can also provide you with low lying fog that will make your first dance look astonishing and frosty.

Caterers are by nature creative. Couples can find companies that are willing to go the extra mile to suit their “wedding in winter” theme. Caterers can add a seasonal touch to the beverages by providing favorites of the season like hot cocoa, sparkling apple cider, etc. They can even craft a cake with white icing and red trim that reflects the enchantment of the season.

If you are getting married in the winter, you should embrace the season! Not only is it a special and different time of the year but you can also save big by having a wedding in winter. Supply and demand works in your favor and puts wedding halls and vendors at your mercy. Couples who host a wedding in winter should see the winter not as an obstacle to a beautiful wedding but as the key to hosting a unique ceremony that will live in their memories for years to come.


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