What you MUST know before hiring a Videographer

Hiring a videographer

Hiring a Videographer | How to Pick the Right candidate

It’s the end of another long day. You and your fiancé finally have a few quiet minutes to review the wedding planning check list. Caterer? Check! DJ? Check? Videographer? Not yet. Worse, both of you are totally uncertain about how to hire a videographer. Let’s take some of the anxiety out of that process for you.

Questions to ask yourselves

You will have plenty of questions to ask each videographer but before you start creating that question list, start by asking yourselves questions.

  • Budget: “What is our budget for videography?” If you haven’t already allocated a budget for video, start crunching numbers now. Research videography services online to help you gain a general idea of the price range of services in your area.

  • Services: “What do we want the videographer to film, and what should the final product(s) be?” Your budget may determine how much wedding and reception coverage you get, the format, editing, and finished products.

    • Do you want the videographer to cover only the wedding, the reception, or both?

    • Do you want full editing services?

    • What format(s) – DVD, full version, best moments (aka Highlight re-cap) only?

    • Still photographs – can stills be made from the video or can you include photos from the photographer?

  • Style: Some wedding videography styles depend, in part, on the style of the videographer. Generally, the more common wedding videography styles include:

    • Documentary style: interviews with family and guests, voice-overs, etc.

    • Fly-on-the-wall style: more reality TV style.

    • Arty/cinematic style.

    • 8 and 16mm film format: gives the video a Hollywood movie/film version, it also is more costly than most other formats but the quality is considered astounding.

    • NOTE: Editing is a time-consuming and costly process. The amount of editing in each of each format will affect the price.

Ask the videographer

  • Experience: ask all videography candidates about their experience in filming weddings and receptions.

  • Demos: ask to see demonstrations of previous work. NOTE: if the videographer is unwilling to provide a demo, move on.

  • References: ask for references and contact each reference. Would that person or couple work with the videographer again? What did they like about the experience and the final products?

  • Editing and final versions: you need to have a clear understanding of the final product, what editing (including titles, captions, title menu, music, etc.) will be added.

  • Pricing: ask about the overall cost, what is included in the price, and if there are any packaging options.

Influencing factors

Few things are more annoying than an intrusive videographer, especially one who is a poor communicator. Videographers must work effectively and graciously with the clients, other service providers, and guests.

Before scheduling appointments, check out each candidate’s website and (if possible) review sample videos online. If none are available or the videographer doesn’t have a website, that candidate might fall to the bottom of your possibilities list.

Effective communication between you and your videographer is essential. State your expectations clearly to each candidate you interview.

Experience matters and the better wedding videographers generally are those who are experienced and enjoy filming weddings. Interview each videographer in good faith, check the references, and trust your inner voice.

One final suggestion about hiring a videographer or selecting an all-inclusive vendor: ask your friends and family about their wedding videography experiences. What questions did they ask – or wish they had asked? What did they like best – and least – about the finished product. Would they hire their videographer again?

If you are considering hiring a Videographer, contact us. You won’t regret selecting our all-inclusive entertainment company. I guarantee it or your money back!!

Best wishes to you, and may the video of your wedding bring the joy of the day back to life each time you watch it.



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