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If you are considering hiring a Videographer in nj for you special event, getting acquainted with the services he/she offers is one of the first steps in understanding your needs and personalizing your event. A Videographer in nj or Studio may offer you many different options to choose from. A video highlight may be presented as one of those options, but is it worth paying additional for a highlight or is it a waste?

A video highlight is an edited summary of your Wedding, Sweet 16 or special event. The edited clips would create a storyline of the day’s event. A good video highlight would include clips lasting 4-6 minutes. You can choose to customize your highlight using the live background music of your event or add musictracks to go with the video. You can also decide to have a combination of both back grounds and added tracks.

Watching an entire Wedding DVD can become lengthy and uninteresting. Instead of sitting for hours, your guests and family would appreciate and enjoy a video highlight. In addition, you can re-live the events of your Wedding in minutes.

At MOsDJ, we take pride in converting your entire event into a video highlight that will include all the important details of your special occasion.  We offer our clients longer highlights (usually 6-10 min) while focusing on our goal of making your finished video as personal as possible. If you already have a DVD but are interested in creating a video highlight, we can help. Please contact us or our videographer in nj to discuss your project or upcoming event.


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