Why a DJ MUST have event insurance

If you own a car, you know that having car insurance is mandatory. It covers you, the people in your car, pedestrians, property damage and so on.. You can opt not to have insurance but will have to bear the consequences if an accident occurs or a cop stops you. In the same manner, having DJ insurance has its benefits. Unlike car insurance, it is NOT mandatory to have event insurance as a Disc Jockey, Photographer or Videographer. There can be consequences, for you as a customer, if your DJ does not have insurance and someone gets hurt at your event. DJ insurance covers a DJ for damages to a person or their belongings at an event that may arise from or be caused by the DJ’s equipment. In addition, it covers legal and other expenses that originate from defending a claim.

DJ Liability Insurance



Do accidents happen?

Fortunately, there aren’t many cases that involve DJs being sued over equipment falling on someone, BUT you never know if your event will be one of those on the news. Imagine you hire a DJ, he sets up his equipment and the party starts. One of your guests had too much to drink (This never happens at a party right!) and is wobbly. He/she falls and on the way down holds on to your 75 pound speakers, knocking it over and falling on someone’s head. Here comes the lawsuit. Professional DJs carry a lot of equipment to an event. Naturally, your guests are going to have fun dancing and not be so conscious of lighting towers or DJ equipment. This raises the chances of something happening or someone getting hurt, and in today’s world, you never know who is going to try to sue you. If your DJ does not have Liability insurance, that person may go after you to cover medical expenses.


Aren’t venues covered by insurance?


Yes they are. Venues have insurance that only cover their employees and doings, not an external company. If a DJ is hired by the host/celebrant, He is consider a private contractor and will not be cover under any venue’s insurance policy, unless stated otherwise by that venue/insurance. Most places will “exclude” this conversation when booking an event. You, as the consumer, have to make sure that you are not liable in case of an injury caused by a member of your party to a person or to the venue itself. If that drunken guest knocks down the speaker and that speaker breaks a glass wall, do you want to be held accountable for it?

It is important and beneficial to you, if your entertainment company carries insurance coverage. When hiring a professional, instead of asking them if they have insurance, ask them to SHOW you a certificate of insurance that is valid and current. MOsDJ is fully insured and has been providing professional entertainment for over a decade. If you want additional information or have questions, feel free to contact us at anytime.




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